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We are working on podcast presentations


With the advent of summer a new project is in the works.  I am looking into starting an audio-blog in a podcast format.  Folks do not have time to read a lot and there is already a plethora of material on the web and magazines/newsletters (with dwindling readership and interest!). Each medium and format has its pros and cons of course.

Details would follow about the audio material and links etc., honest feedbacks will be appreciated naturally, as well as suggestions about material and topics that you would like to see.  We shall work hard towards providing what is feasible and possible, and each suggestion shall be considered seriously.

Please continue to contact me at either and/or regarding this blog, the upcoming audio-blog and other astrology-related matters as before. Due to pressing personal and technical reasons this podcast project has gotten delayed a lot. I am still hopeful that it would get launched if all remains well. Sorry for the delay.

Yours in Jyotish,


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There exist a lot of differences in opinions regarding the ownership, dignity and places of weakness for the lunar nodes. This can be understandably rather confusing for the neophyte since even the classics differ in their opinions! In BPHS, the sine qua non textbook of many jyotishis/astrologers there exist rather significant differences for these two lunar nodes. This has been touched in greater details in my article “Astro treasures that survive time…” On In another article there I have touched in greater details the matter of Lordship of nodes utilizing the obvious hints given by Parashara. It’s easy to conclude that the dictum sanivad and kujavata cannot be simplistically utilized to presume an amicable relationship between Saturn and Rahu or Mars and ketu. Deposed rulers are not happy rulers and understandably turn inimical towards the victor! This applies to any of the four planets.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Scroll down to see footnotes for ACRONYMS used, like TA, $ etc lest you are in familiar territory and those do not prevent you from following the following!


TA (we will continue to call him that, although he hardly fits the description, at least at the SHELL level (if he were a crab, that is!), was excited! The notice on the pillar near the bus stand where he often meditated while waiting for the bus (at times a looong wait!) read, “Famed dark sorceress JOY-la-TAR-anga from deep voodoo land shall perform her famous FIREWALK at midnight at Pleasantville beach! Come one come all. Please bring your own nourishment. Photography and videotaping strictly prohibited! Equipment shall be confiscated and offered as sacrifice to Elephants-in-attending for the DIVINE STOMPING RITUAL!”

“This has got to be a bloody SCAM!”, TA mused, “HERE and NOW? North of 40th parallel?”


Suddenly he noticed his bus and the BIG SPLASHY advertisement painted on it caught his eye, “Visit DOLLAR SHOP! New MERCHANDISE JUST CAME IN!!”

Something stirred in TA’s heart as he was suddenly reminded of $. Where is he now? Is he still WHOLY or did he finally manage to drop the W?

For some strange reason, TA suddenly had such a soul-wrenching yearning for swiss cheese. Little wonder for he hadn’t eaten in a while.

“Hunger is a strange thing, beta”, $ used to say, “It can connect many realities, many realms, many levels!”

“Why do you think it is so transcultural, running across all religions?”

“FAST … FASTER…”, young TA was thinking as $ droned on and on, “I can’t take it anymore $ji! I am a growing boy and need my grub!”, TA pondered silently…

“WHAT IS IT WITH YOU CHILD, and the INSECTS?”, $ was all knowing and very sensitive? “REMEMBER! Insects are the products [AN: 5th from…] of the Randhra house [AN: 8th house] and live in and cause Vyaya [AN: 12th house; loss; expenditure! Check what exterminators charge in your neighbourhood!]”

The flashback was so powerful that TA almost missed his bus! But he was trained well by $! He was trained to multitask and tread two realities simultaneously.

The only seat available was near a child who seemed very curious and kind of impolite. The little girl kept staring at TA as if he was an oddity. TA was getting a bit uncomfortable with the constantly STARING child. He kept looking away but something felt so familiar. “How could this be?”, he thought, “This is like a 10 year old child! But why does she remind me of that night 30 years ago when the Fireshow got cancelled so brutally?”

“Will you come to my show tonight, TA? If you are ready!”

TA had goosebumps all over his body! It couldn’t be the child who was saying that, but for sure it was the voice of $! With great trepidation in his heart, he forced himself to turn towards his bus companion. The toothless face of Bhikaran was unmistakable!

“Thank God SHE never left me!”, there were tears in TA’s eyes.

“Or perhaps YOU did not!”, JwALATARANGA was still as beautiful and young as that night when TA had first seen her but really noticed HER tonight, for the first time, perhaps … ”

“Penance has its virtues”, as Swami Murabbanand ji used to say generally after rounding out a sumptuous meal with his favourite dessert which was delicious but he kept calling it a ‘Trifle’ … Strange are the ways of the wise!



* Abbreviations used

TA = Teenager. Let us assume that his name is Hari Puttar (son of God)! (not to be confused with the popular magician with a similar sounding name!!)

AN = Author’s Notes. I get sick each time I use sic!

$ = Swamiji

* The additional A in Shaastra used to separate it from Shastra, the former means a procedural scientific applied discipline, the latter a weapon!


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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Scroll down to see footnotes if *s bother you or

prevent you from following the raconte


But … but $*, you had told me that Jyotish is SHAASTRA*…! TA* was nearly in tears, poor soul!

Only silence ensued from $ as the wise one continued with his crosseyed but legs pointing straight ahead neomeditation that he had recently channeled from the 17th dimension of the 3rd multi-verse! This was one accompliced dude! [AN*: No foolin’!] TA continued, “I have been cramming these tables of numbers and data and googling my mule for like a quarter of my long life so far and all I have to show for it is a headache and my buddies think I am a nerd and only my sanskrit teacher likes me and that is hardly an accomplishment, frankly!” [AN: You see TA really wanted to be a pilot or a toy-maker I think. Or did he say Chef at one point! Anyhoo, I should be yapping less and writing more!]

Tuning back to TA, “The yogas do not work, the ayanamsha is all over the place, each time I learn something and test it on charts, starting with mine ofcourse, the 8th chart onwards suddenly the rule does not fit anymore! And I am not even having sadesati! Speaking of which are we to take the 12th, 1st and 2nd house transit from moon or are we to follow Katve’s principle of using the 90 degrees transit straddling the chandra spashta or this three cycles of navamsha transits as suggested by that jyoshi guy who gets all these Dear Madam letters from confused astro-philiacs?” [AN: The MOUTH on that brat!! Someone should LYSOL him!!!]

The ROCK moved! As the termites crawled away ($ was covered with those in his Saadhna) from the mouth region, a deep booming voice emanated from the Great SOUL within, “Phoo Phoo!”

It was time for TA to open his mouth wide in wonderment. He failed to understand.

“First you must dig and you must dig till you begin to enjoy digging and spreading and playing with the dirt, just for the heck of it, TA! If it seems and feels like a chore, you are not there yet and more digging must continue. It is like raking the latrine in that Gandhi movie, son! Once the maya of chore vanishes, even honey bees and scary hornets become friends and desired company! I think I will bring in some mint chutney with me next time! Goes perfectly with termites …!” The voice fell silent. [AN: Now I get what that PHOO PHOO sound was about!].

Even more confused, TA toyed between watching the Gandhi movie or to look at Gandhi’s horoscope. He chose the latter.

He had looked at the chart a thousand times and even written about it in his scrapbook and so on and so forth, but his eyes and mind kept drifting towards this pair of charts that he had recently been given by an ex-alumnus of the Ashram of $. The charts had scorpio rising, all planets in the same signs, and only the moon different. The two individuals were born continents and just a few days apart. One was a serial killer and the other one was an highly skilled surgeon.

Kind of like comparing Hitler’s and Gandhi’s charts side by side! “I will never get it!”, sighed TA and opened his school book. ‘REAL LIFE’ had to be taken care of too! Or there would be detention at the school tomorrow.

TA went to bed with a head full of confusing thoughts, questions and much anguish. It was difficult to relax and fall asleep. He was feeling lonely too. Suddenly he saw the image of a cave. It was as if he was watching the Discovery channel showing prehistoric man. The dude was ugly! TA thanked his stars that his headcold protected him from bad smells! He had a strange furtive look on his face and he was looking apprehensive and had a strange bird like saccadic movement of his head. His eyes peering straight ahead and his neck turning in tiny spurts as he scanned his environment, perhaps trying to locate dangers. “MOVE YOUR EYES, YOU FOOL!”, TA screamed! TA was a kind person but not very subtle! He was awarded ‘The most impolite TA of the Year’ umm… award, many years in a row!

The prehistoric man continued to use his neck muscles instead… 😦

Then TA saw the image of grand beauty. It was a huge hall but it was dark. TA was smart. He knew that if he stayed cool and patient, his eyes would adapt and he would see. He was right! It turned out to be a grand hall with ornate pillars, studded with gemstones. Warm and healing. Inviting and enticing. TA like it here. Soft music was in the background. There was a gentle blue light but it was not the deep violet shapes that TA used to see when he closed his eyes. The incredible shapes and the feeling of energy within when that happened. The shapes of violet light kept moving away in a series of ‘disks’ as if light was moving away as particles, riding on a wave that was giving the particle an opportunity to express many shapes. The wave was making the particle change its shape and the particle was providing the tangible evidence of the existence of the wave.

As TA travelled through this dimly lit <dream? Vision??> he arrived at the fountain. He had heard a lot about it from $. “Paradise!”, $ji used to say with a beatific smile on his face with eyes closed in exulted and at times exalted ecstasy. “Where everything is fresh, young and no decay! Time vanishes!!”. “I have arrived at my destiny!”, TA was ecstatic!

As his vision adapted to the still dark ambience, he noticed that the ugly prehistoric guy was still here and was taking a bath in the fountain of life!

The alarm bell was LOUD! TA woke up and after the first shock beamed pleasantly with a big sigh of relief! “School is fun, man! At least there are no unpredictable surprises there!!”

Far away, $ sighed a sigh of relief but knew that TA will be back again with more questions. “What’s wrong with locusts? There are people in this world that get nourishment through them. And there is always chocolate to camouflage the real contents! OHMMMMM…




* Abbreviations used

TA = Teenager. Let us assume that his name is Hari Puttar (son of God)! (not to be confused with the popular magician with a similar sounding name!!)

AN = Author’s Notes. I get sick each time I use sic!

$ = Swamiji

* The additional A in Shaastra used to separate it from Shastra, the former means a procedural scientific applied discipline, the latter a weapon!


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June 30, 2008

Teenager (let us call him ‘TA’ from now on…) could never shake the image of the crazy bhikaaran off from his mind!

Even as the REALITY suddenly emerged in front of his eyes under the

dim-light of the dying kerosene lamp even though the full moon (they said moon was going to be the closest to earth that night in like years older than the great grandpa who was still around and coughing his way to wherever old people end up…) helped or perhaps NOT; this blurrb he remembered as it flashed before his sharp and young gaze!

“Swami Murabbanand ji shall be giving a sermon soon after the

delightful JAM session provided by Neokirtanists who shall entertain the masses by making their guitars sing and their clarinets dance. Swamiji’s pravachchan (sermon?) will be followed by a three course prasadam distribution and will be foolowed by the greatest of all firewalkers putting on her show: JwALATARANG! As the GREAT yogini dances on the glowing embers (you are invited to touch in case you are suspicious — THE EMBERS!), you shall hear the heavenly music of the spheres as her feet touch the different embers and a different NOTE arises!”. Either the teenager had a photographic memory (using an Infrared camera) or it was the same story again: The <child> of God filling in the gaps with the best possible guesses!!

It being summer and far better to be out in the open at night than the stiffling heat indoors, TA decided to attend this *wild* party!

The huge field was filling up with all sorts of people. There must be thousands, NO HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS! Indoor where he lived was about a MILLION strong back then! A third of those escaping the heat of indoors to see this carnival in the mellow evening outdoors of Malwa, hot in the daytime, soothing and quenching as the night fell was not unusual. I hear now it is different. Trees and greens all gone, the taals and talaabs and Pipliya pala reduced to a muddy marshland. Anyway, one must pay the price of progress, I suppose!

The boring bhajaan preludes done, Swamiji after his sumptuous meal was settling in, becoming attuned to the microphone and the crowd which latter was a mere blurr. Swamiji always removed his contact lenses when giving a sermon. It helped with focusing the third eye, he had revealed to TA later on (next BOOK, not this one!).

Swamiji spoke about Maya that evening. Maya is not Miththya, Maya is not falsehood or untruth or delusions. Maya is illusion but only if you are ILL or LOOSE or UN (not there, in negation of what or where you are or should be!). SWAMIJI had a bad habit! He smoked beedis (little smoking things which had tobacco rolled into a leaf and he smoked it publicly and had given some good reasonings about why he did it. TA read it, but did not care so did not remember the reason!

[[Author’s note: MY! How perception changes!! Beedi in those 20s or

30s or 40s and the tolerance of populace so much higher in the 60s or 70s or now!]].

So, after a long satisfying puff and a belch, Swamiji resumed, “… And even if you feel that you are touching your newborn child and feeling gratefully what the Creator has given to you as a gift [[Author’s note: POSSESSION]], all you know about this bundle of joy <<PUFF>> is what you are experiencing through your senses! SMELL, TASTE, TOUCH, HEARING and SEEING! Through these little devices that God implanted into your nose, tongue, fingertips, ears and eyes through being connected to your brain/mind millions of signals and bits of information is reaching and being sorted and FIGURED OUT <<PUFFFFF cough>>. Your reality which looks so solid and real is created by these!

IF ONE OF THESE servants of yours, these sensors decide to revolt, your REALITY will change. IF you were born without one of these sensors or happen to lose them along the way, your REALITY shall change! Then why do you keep calling what you perceive, REALITY?

Just as the sermon ended, at that point it suddenly started raining heavily! There was a BIG collective sigh of disappointment from the following! Maya or not, there is no way that the FIRESHOW can happen now 😦

“Too bad we all would have to suffer through another sermon before the Yogini dances her firedance — the star item of the evening!”, the teenager lamented silently. Well he has time and age on his side…!


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Travelogue notes #1:

[AN: This began emerging last night on July 14th soon after I almost forcibly sent a friend off to bed. Sleep-deprivation does no one any good. A well-known torture technique as the news today is talking about. No one should do that to others and last of all to oneself! NO this missive is not prophetic but just one of those synchronicities! Believe it or not!]


CHELA* was feeling a bit under the weather. Just a feeling of mild malaise and a feeling of the need to get some sleep. But the bhajan-keertan (devotional chanting generally done by groups of loud devotees) was keeping him awake. This year the bhajan mandali got a rather robust sponsorship and acquired newer and bigger loudspeakers. The KING had just this year proclaimed that devotional singing shall be excluded from the bylaw on noise pollution. Very little could be done after that decree! The organisers of the devotional uprising were sharp! Their speakers had always been facing away from the Palace. “No wonder the King does not mind the noise!”, the musing continued in tiny C’s head, “Must be also why he is so irreligious, I suppose!”, arose a bubble of an afterthought from the little bundle of wisdom…

“Cynicism”, $ continued, “SIN-is-SChISM [AN: sin is dividing or perhaps dividing is sin? …] — comes about and is considered as SIN only when the recipient of the bounties of cynicism is in a setting which separates you from the rest of the cohort, the milieu, the present company”. “It can be enlivening and enlightening and at the very least, illuminating…” $ was heavily into conserving energy. Why turn on another light when you can open your eyes wider and get the same effect? He was referring to the pupils [AN: the tiny holes in the eye and not the open-mouthed students!] and not the eyelids, obviously, as he address and imparted the pearl of wisdom to his pupils. “Frugality has its merits”, C mused as he tried to whack frustratingly the Prairie mosquito that probably is the King of all mosquitoes and comes in the musical version as well as the ‘stealth’ version!, “lights attract insects and pest of all kinds!”. At one point C had even calculated the percentage difference and all kinds of statistics but to what possible benefit? If the KING himself endorses LOUD music and blesses it, what is a tiny C to do? But the sleep still suffers…!

C came up with a bright comeback! “$-ji! When we are not sleeping we are AWAKENED, right?” $ has had a pretty long day and was ready for bed and just to get rid of this pesky little irritant, he distractedly nodded in affirmative (maybe he dozed for a moment and his head bobbed). “So when we are not wasting time sleeping we must be getting more and more awakened!”, the beaming innocent countenance of C was proof of his self-perceived victory over his sleepy preceptor! $ smiled and said, “That was about the soul beta, and the soul never sleeps!”, guruji lay down on his HAY-o-pedic hard bed (protruding nails were retracted tonight because it was a weekend) and was $noring away like a happy buffalo in seconds.

BUT — C stayed up all night very confused! You see he had watched a movie named, “SATAN never sleeps” which had made an impression on his tender, impressionable little heart and now he was not sure if SOUL was all that pure or maybe SATAN was not impure! A long night of sleeplessness will do that to some…

[AN: I hated to tell the brat that he had experienced SChISM, dwi-vidha, duwidah, dilemma! Oh well he will get it — in sweet time! I am too sleepy — YAAAAWWWWWWNNNNN!]



*C = CHELA which can be pronounced as CHELAA or acolyte or CHELAy meaning in Bangali as boy, son, sonny, ladkay, potta, laddie (I loved those Uncle Scrooge cartoons, particularly the one depicting Bubba the cave-boy and ‘SCOOGE’, but I digress…

[AN: Author’s notes]


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Chela (acolyte)’s journey

We live in a very fast-paced metropolis now, even faster than it used to be in Superman’s days before he fell off the horse and sadly became paraplegic but it must be the wishes of all those children who truly beleived that Chris Reeves was The Superman — he overcame a Challenge which was rather dramatically straight out of the comic book reality: GREEN KRYPTONITE!

Before Thanevalas arrest me for digressing too far out of my permitted boundaries maybe I should return to the matter described in the header of this post!

In this Silicon Metropolis READINGS are a REALITY. And they are often dropped in wrong places and then the dedicated moderators spend personal valuable time and move it to the READING areas. Now I realize that reading seekers at times are distraught and also may be new to the metropolis and may not know exactly how to get to the Oracle. I have witnessed many requests moved to the right area but hardly ever have I read an expression of frustration from the moderators who are responsible for relocating the messages! Quodos to you brothers and sisters!

There will always be expectations on the part of those who post reading requests. Some realistic and other expectations somewhat unrealistic. And then we have the individuals who to give an analogy, perhaps undeserved and unfair on them — pharmacy students going to a doctor for advice about their <horoscope!>

If the purpose of the request is to seek direction then first there must be trust built in the healing relationship. Hard to do on the impersonal internet with its doubts and deceptions, real and imagined!

If the purpose of the reading request is to learn, then it is deception and while many have ‘passed’, who has ever learned anything through cheating in the examinations? The successful ones may please speak up and adjust our reality!

If the purpose of the request is to show off one’s knowledge then to those the simple advice from this ant would be: Please begin to believe in yourself and your capabilities and begin to GIVE readings as opposed to seeking those! This healing camp needs more healers and readers than patients!

CHELA Tales…


Joined: 11 Jun 2006

Posts: 3197

Posted: Sun Aug 17, 2008 1:11 am

If asked, many practitioners would give different answers to the question: Where to begin when looking at a horoscope. Some would recommend lagna, moon, atmakaraka, lagnesha, pada of 1st house or any of the many “personal indicators” (to jog the memory of those who may have read that).

$wamiji always recommended that one first look at indicators of longevity. If the horoscope is of one who will not survive, why even bother giving five hundred page readings that will probably be buried or cremated with the deadbody!

But but how to determine longevity? TA slipped in the question just as $ was slipping into his post-prandial oblivion after having consumed his bowl of daliya (porridgy thick soup of various lentils and other stuff).

“Read the chapters $@#$@%…” Obviously TeenAger was too slow and let the opportunity slip away. Now it will be another sleepless night and lot of midnight oil to be burned 😦

A$hram had recently got a few new futuristic books on longevity determination and TA greedily pored over those. Tattwas and pindas and this interesting jaimini grid and amshayu, alpayu, madhyau, deerghayu and OH WHAT FUN!

When the cock crowed, the bleary-eyed and hungry (missed his meal reading all those books) TA shook himself free from the books and realized that he had wasted another night without learning anything.

“You look tired and upset, beta!”, $ kindly patted TA on the head and gave him the morning off.

When TA arrived at his bed, he found a small package waiting for him. From past experience he knew that this would contain a bunch of charts and a note describing the homework.

Wearily, he opened the package and it had a note which read:

“Start Simple 2-3-7-8 then <1>

No house becomes a home unless it is occupied and sudarshan! Tomorrow will be another day!”

Later on, $ came in to check and covered the shivering, cold TA with some warm thatch… {to be continued}


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When numbers lie…?

Jyotish and science are often compared but in reality they seem to be quite different disciplines. The commonality to a minor extent lies in both approaches being exploratory (to a degree) and descriptive of the milieu in which both operate. There are significant differences in the two approaches that are notable, namely, the former utilizes an older and static framework whereas science has a growing and developing [though not inflexible] glossary with a non-rigid framework which expands as its body of understanding and knowledge grows over time.

Science for the most part embraces more accountability [peer-Review], transparency, whereas, jyotish continues to remain not regulated or even standardized and therefore wildly variable in its modern framework. It, sadly, tends to be somewhat secretive often under the guise of sacredness and inaccessibility. Jyotish continues to rely on a framework that is ancient and which remains nearly unaltered while society and humans have evolved astronomicaly over the past thousands of years! Modern writings are nearly all reinterpretations and even rehashed material from the earlier body of literature sometimes dubbed as “Scriptures”. The general belief is that the body of knowledge was originally transmitted orally (teacher to student; mouth to ear) for a long long time and then captured in black and white. It is conceivable, as some claim, that what we possess now though mostly in its nacent form might understandably also contain some insertions and even deletions. One hopes that these have been minor at least in the more significant usable portion of the craft. It is quite possible that the interpretations and reinterpretations are not necessarily improvements. A healthy scepticism, therefore, is good to retain by all honest learners and practitioners of this arcane craft! There have been instances where unknowingly and hopefully in rare instances intentionally flawed examples, explanations and data have gotten published. The critical faculty of the mind must therefore be exercised. Until then it is best to refrain from dubbing the subject as science or scientific, lock stock and barrel.

Many practitioners and “teachers” tend to toss around numbers and percentages and many innocent devotees/disciples propagate those as if those were gospel. Repeated enough, these tend to stick in the minds of readers and take on the form of *facts*. Some examples such as astrology can only be accurate to the tune of 82% or 75% or whatever are just anecdotal guesstimates and questionable regardless of the source. Imagine how much backward science would have been unless the pioneers in that field created and promoted the culture of documentation, honesty, reproducibility, peer review and accountability…


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Vimshopaka is a unique consideration in jyotish and worth our attention and exploration. The important messages or hints that emerge from this are:

All vargas are not quantitatively equal in their impact and influences on the human experience (actual life experiences).

Certain vargas, notably, rashi and navamsha have a significant say in the horoscope of the nativity.

Vimshopaka is a weighted system for scoring a planet based on its relationships with its dispositors in different vargas and its ownerships of signs.

Vimshopaka is a reminder for the need to treat exaltation and debilitation as a separate quality/attribute very differently from sign-ownership and panchadha maitri (friendship etc) and hence must not be lumped with the rest as is usually done as if exaltation is on the same scale of considerations as friendship and ownerships.

Why the four series of vargas are chosen must not be an arbitrary choice. Do these four series represent the four classes of earth experiences that a soul is capable of. No, this is not the caste system that has plagued certain societies but the class and ‘age-category’ of experiences that the earth-bound soul can come here for. The basic six-fold class, focusing on self-development, self-awareness, then moving on to the 7-fold category where one begins to influence others and to be really responsible for others, in a worldly framework but not just in a rigid sense. Moving on to the 10-fold classification where one begins to deal with karma and expansion of awareness begins which all finally blossoms (potentially but not automtically! One still needs to make effort!!) in the 16-fold state where one can begin dealing with finer aspects of being. If one is still living in a very materialistic, worldly, selfish, self-focussed plane, there is little point in getting too excited if we see a high vimshopaka score in the shodashavarga configuration!

Vimshopaka opens a meaningful window when considering dasha effects of a planet. Like other factors, it is a single indicator and so one must resist the tendency to run with it, particularly when other influences are pointing elsewhere. For instance, a planet might have a high score in vimshopaka but not so high in shadbala and might be influenced by malefics or is in a difficult house. These other indicators and factors are trying to tell you something. Please do be mindful of those!

The system along with the rest of jyotish even if developed only a few thousand years ago — as some modern astro-historians proclaim — indicates the complex level of thinking and cognitive powers of the individuals who documented this system. As some modern historians tell us, those were less developed times with travel difficult if not impossible. Yet for the ancients to know that the poles have days and nights that are six months long, tells me the level of their knowledge and awareness, whether they experienced it directly or through their superior cognitive abilities.

In this context, despite what some modern ‘scholarly’ astrologers have tried to force a view upon us behind the shroud of history, namely, that Varahmihira was older than Parashara because Varahamihira did not talk about vimshottari, did not talk about nodes (wrong!), had a different ashtakavarga system (only very minimally different from Parashara though), etc. The fact is that Brihatjataka by Varahamihira was a very small booklet compared to what Parashara created and if one carefully reads through the Sanskrit text in even that small booklet of verses, Varahamihira talks about not only Parashara but also Satyacharya (who had been kind of clocked by similar experts and “historians” to have existed in the early C.E., late B.C.E., around Gautama Buddha’s times. Varahamihira mentions Yavanacharyaa who might have been a predecessor, like Parashraa and Satyacharyaa, naming these three specifically in Vrihatjataka. Varahamihira in his ‘jataka’ was obviously taking a reductionistic approach, unlike in his samhita (mundane astrology text) a creation beyond parallel! It is all there, one has but to look! Twisting that into some sort of evidence that reflects historical time-lines is confused and confusing.


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