Travelogue notes #1:

[AN: This began emerging last night on July 14th soon after I almost forcibly sent a friend off to bed. Sleep-deprivation does no one any good. A well-known torture technique as the news today is talking about. No one should do that to others and last of all to oneself! NO this missive is not prophetic but just one of those synchronicities! Believe it or not!]


CHELA* was feeling a bit under the weather. Just a feeling of mild malaise and a feeling of the need to get some sleep. But the bhajan-keertan (devotional chanting generally done by groups of loud devotees) was keeping him awake. This year the bhajan mandali got a rather robust sponsorship and acquired newer and bigger loudspeakers. The KING had just this year proclaimed that devotional singing shall be excluded from the bylaw on noise pollution. Very little could be done after that decree! The organisers of the devotional uprising were sharp! Their speakers had always been facing away from the Palace. “No wonder the King does not mind the noise!”, the musing continued in tiny C’s head, “Must be also why he is so irreligious, I suppose!”, arose a bubble of an afterthought from the little bundle of wisdom…

“Cynicism”, $ continued, “SIN-is-SChISM [AN: sin is dividing or perhaps dividing is sin? …] — comes about and is considered as SIN only when the recipient of the bounties of cynicism is in a setting which separates you from the rest of the cohort, the milieu, the present company”. “It can be enlivening and enlightening and at the very least, illuminating…” $ was heavily into conserving energy. Why turn on another light when you can open your eyes wider and get the same effect? He was referring to the pupils [AN: the tiny holes in the eye and not the open-mouthed students!] and not the eyelids, obviously, as he address and imparted the pearl of wisdom to his pupils. “Frugality has its merits”, C mused as he tried to whack frustratingly the Prairie mosquito that probably is the King of all mosquitoes and comes in the musical version as well as the ‘stealth’ version!, “lights attract insects and pest of all kinds!”. At one point C had even calculated the percentage difference and all kinds of statistics but to what possible benefit? If the KING himself endorses LOUD music and blesses it, what is a tiny C to do? But the sleep still suffers…!

C came up with a bright comeback! “$-ji! When we are not sleeping we are AWAKENED, right?” $ has had a pretty long day and was ready for bed and just to get rid of this pesky little irritant, he distractedly nodded in affirmative (maybe he dozed for a moment and his head bobbed). “So when we are not wasting time sleeping we must be getting more and more awakened!”, the beaming innocent countenance of C was proof of his self-perceived victory over his sleepy preceptor! $ smiled and said, “That was about the soul beta, and the soul never sleeps!”, guruji lay down on his HAY-o-pedic hard bed (protruding nails were retracted tonight because it was a weekend) and was $noring away like a happy buffalo in seconds.

BUT — C stayed up all night very confused! You see he had watched a movie named, “SATAN never sleeps” which had made an impression on his tender, impressionable little heart and now he was not sure if SOUL was all that pure or maybe SATAN was not impure! A long night of sleeplessness will do that to some…

[AN: I hated to tell the brat that he had experienced SChISM, dwi-vidha, duwidah, dilemma! Oh well he will get it — in sweet time! I am too sleepy — YAAAAWWWWWWNNNNN!]



*C = CHELA which can be pronounced as CHELAA or acolyte or CHELAy meaning in Bangali as boy, son, sonny, ladkay, potta, laddie (I loved those Uncle Scrooge cartoons, particularly the one depicting Bubba the cave-boy and ‘SCOOGE’, but I digress…

[AN: Author’s notes]



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