June 30, 2008

Teenager (let us call him ‘TA’ from now on…) could never shake the image of the crazy bhikaaran off from his mind!

Even as the REALITY suddenly emerged in front of his eyes under the

dim-light of the dying kerosene lamp even though the full moon (they said moon was going to be the closest to earth that night in like years older than the great grandpa who was still around and coughing his way to wherever old people end up…) helped or perhaps NOT; this blurrb he remembered as it flashed before his sharp and young gaze!

“Swami Murabbanand ji shall be giving a sermon soon after the

delightful JAM session provided by Neokirtanists who shall entertain the masses by making their guitars sing and their clarinets dance. Swamiji’s pravachchan (sermon?) will be followed by a three course prasadam distribution and will be foolowed by the greatest of all firewalkers putting on her show: JwALATARANG! As the GREAT yogini dances on the glowing embers (you are invited to touch in case you are suspicious — THE EMBERS!), you shall hear the heavenly music of the spheres as her feet touch the different embers and a different NOTE arises!”. Either the teenager had a photographic memory (using an Infrared camera) or it was the same story again: The <child> of God filling in the gaps with the best possible guesses!!

It being summer and far better to be out in the open at night than the stiffling heat indoors, TA decided to attend this *wild* party!

The huge field was filling up with all sorts of people. There must be thousands, NO HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS! Indoor where he lived was about a MILLION strong back then! A third of those escaping the heat of indoors to see this carnival in the mellow evening outdoors of Malwa, hot in the daytime, soothing and quenching as the night fell was not unusual. I hear now it is different. Trees and greens all gone, the taals and talaabs and Pipliya pala reduced to a muddy marshland. Anyway, one must pay the price of progress, I suppose!

The boring bhajaan preludes done, Swamiji after his sumptuous meal was settling in, becoming attuned to the microphone and the crowd which latter was a mere blurr. Swamiji always removed his contact lenses when giving a sermon. It helped with focusing the third eye, he had revealed to TA later on (next BOOK, not this one!).

Swamiji spoke about Maya that evening. Maya is not Miththya, Maya is not falsehood or untruth or delusions. Maya is illusion but only if you are ILL or LOOSE or UN (not there, in negation of what or where you are or should be!). SWAMIJI had a bad habit! He smoked beedis (little smoking things which had tobacco rolled into a leaf and he smoked it publicly and had given some good reasonings about why he did it. TA read it, but did not care so did not remember the reason!

[[Author’s note: MY! How perception changes!! Beedi in those 20s or

30s or 40s and the tolerance of populace so much higher in the 60s or 70s or now!]].

So, after a long satisfying puff and a belch, Swamiji resumed, “… And even if you feel that you are touching your newborn child and feeling gratefully what the Creator has given to you as a gift [[Author’s note: POSSESSION]], all you know about this bundle of joy <<PUFF>> is what you are experiencing through your senses! SMELL, TASTE, TOUCH, HEARING and SEEING! Through these little devices that God implanted into your nose, tongue, fingertips, ears and eyes through being connected to your brain/mind millions of signals and bits of information is reaching and being sorted and FIGURED OUT <<PUFFFFF cough>>. Your reality which looks so solid and real is created by these!

IF ONE OF THESE servants of yours, these sensors decide to revolt, your REALITY will change. IF you were born without one of these sensors or happen to lose them along the way, your REALITY shall change! Then why do you keep calling what you perceive, REALITY?

Just as the sermon ended, at that point it suddenly started raining heavily! There was a BIG collective sigh of disappointment from the following! Maya or not, there is no way that the FIRESHOW can happen now 😦

“Too bad we all would have to suffer through another sermon before the Yogini dances her firedance — the star item of the evening!”, the teenager lamented silently. Well he has time and age on his side…!



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