There exist a lot of differences in opinions regarding the ownership, dignity and places of weakness for the lunar nodes. This can be understandably rather confusing for the neophyte since even the classics differ in their opinions! In BPHS, the sine qua non textbook of many jyotishis/astrologers there exist rather significant differences for these two lunar nodes. This has been touched in greater details in my article “Astro treasures that survive time…” On http://www.boloji.com/Astro. In another article there I have touched in greater details the matter of Lordship of nodes utilizing the obvious hints given by Parashara. It’s easy to conclude that the dictum sanivad and kujavata cannot be simplistically utilized to presume an amicable relationship between Saturn and Rahu or Mars and ketu. Deposed rulers are not happy rulers and understandably turn inimical towards the victor! This applies to any of the four planets.


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